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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Damn this back of mine!

well i guess i'll give the story about my back...cause this is a blog, and i really shold use it more.

May 8th of 2009 i worked for Uhual international. and that specific day, one of my bosses ( the assistant manager) told me to re organize the trailers, the ones that were enclosed, by hand, its not that hard to do, the leverage on those things are actually nice.

Well when i got to work on them i felt fine, only after the 4th or 5th one is when my back spasmed out and said "your done" i really couldnt move anymore and i actually was starting to cry out in pain.....which i rarely do... I called up to the office and told someone to come down and help me..all they did was drive in a truck and tell me to walk back up ( yay laziness, one time its gotten it's revenge on me) well the following day after the weekend ( this was on a friday, so i went monday) i went to the doctor for us which is scott and white workmen's comp and got "treated" for the injury...they told me " oh your back is really tense" and so on. after a month out of work due to my back, i was still in pain, and they didnt do much of anything. they tried Physical Therapy, but it didnt help either. i had to lie to PT just for them to shut up cause they did understand that my back was hurting worse from them then from the injury. when i finally got back to work. ( which is when i went into worker's comp for the last time and they said i was fine, the pain is "in my head") i was fired 3 days later cause i didnt know what i was doing anymore.

fast forward to a year and 2 months later. my back still is fucked, and now is getting worse. i was told i can try and re evaluate my back from it with worker's comp and try to get medical assistance. after telling the doctor there about my plight, he said it doesnt count cause i woke up with more pain than now knowing the doc there is a quack, my father told me to get a second opinion. FUN FACT! for scott and white worker's comp the only way you can get a second opinion is to change doctors, and then you can never go back to them if you are severely injured with any injury that involves that comp injury.

So i went to my new doctor about a month ago, he did a thourough check of my back...and told me i have constant back strain in my lower back, concentrating on my spinal cord ( yay me.), and here is the kicker. i may slip a disc soon. s

So there you have it folks. and again as my title says DAMN THIS BACK OF MINE!!!!!

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