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Monday, September 13, 2010

.......well fuck

im having trouble sleeping again.  i just woke up and its 4pm.....the bad thing is IM STILL TIRED.  i need to figure out how to fix this...i might simply sleep all day today and wake up early tomorrow so that my sleeping schedule is changed.  wish me luck.

Friday, September 10, 2010


forgot to blog for a couple of days...well i guess i should do one...:P

well for the past 3 days ive been going to physical therapy and trying to fix my back....not working too well.  another thing is im also trying to continue with my "let's play Final Fantasy IX" but my laptop keeps lagging in the process, so i have to figure out how to stop that before i can continue. 

on a good note my truck is fixed! yay, now i can actually go places beside my room to my porch.

also i hvae many events coming up so i have to prepare.  i have my amtgard stuff, local midreign and kingdom anime conventions... Onicon and Yulecon...i missed louisianime cause its this weekend.  :(

anywho...leave comments and let me know if youw ant to know about Amtgard or the cons i go to...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


random post is everyone?

currently i am listening to Disturbed, by far one of my favorite bands eva! indestructable is the song that just ended and i am going to listen to some more..leave comments of what yalls favorite band/song is! also enjoy this video!


greetings to a new day and a new morning.....god i hate mornings.

especially now that i have to do physical therapy 3 days out of the week at 930 am.  so my sleeping in is shot now until i finish PT.

on a god note i may have a GF in the near future! keep watching for updates.

Monday, September 6, 2010

News on myself and updates for the blog

i dont i've done this yet, but here is my little introduction.

My name is Josh, i live in Texas in the city of Killeen which is attached to ft hood.  i am 24 years old and already broken...hence the blog title ( XD ) due to my injury i am stuck with my parents until i either a. heal up and get another job to move out, or b. get on ssi or something like that to support myself. 

i've already explained in a  previous post about my injury  and now i am just trying to get by day by day.

now for the blog...i'll be posting regularly on here about whats happening to me and what i am doing...this is also somewhat of a online journal that yall can see .

for those of you who live in texas near the killeen/harkerheights/temple area post a comment and let me know i'll prolly hang out with you!

Thank you

To all those who are supporting me in my time of need, thank you,  i will be helping those who help me in the days to come.

Friday, September 3, 2010

new things/ YOUTUBE!

sry guys ive been actually adding things...trying to make an attempt at remembering my html so i can add stuff to the site... but now i have it somewhat wher ei like hopefully you guys will be seeing a lot more posts from me. 

Also for those of you who like this, i am begining to do what are called "let's Play"s on Youtube, where i play a videogame and do commentary on it while im playing, my Channel is

my first game is Final Fantasy 9 and if yall are interested go ahead and jump on there and watch, post comments video comments, subscribe.....anything you can to help me get my channel known or just to say hi.